Monday, October 30, 2017

What Partisan Journalists are Doing

I was struck by these lines from Michael Gerson, on conservative journalists who defend by Trump by attacking Robert Mueller:
They are dropping lit matches in the dry tinder of American politics. And they would be responsible, in part, for the resulting wildfire.
Indeed America seems to be full of people who, like the Joker, just want to see the world burn.


pithom said...

Bad take. Mueller badly overcharged here, as Andrew McCarthy has suggested.

G. Verloren said...


Still tilting at windmills, as ever...

Al freír de los huevos lo verá. It's been a slow grind thus far, and more yet to come, but if the progress thus far is any indication, we can expect the results to be quite fine indeed.

Shadow said...

Awful lot of bandwidth taken up by pundits, party apparatchiks, and columnists who know no more than we do about the investigation pontificating as if they did. Quote them in a newspaper or put them on TV and suddenly they become experts.