Friday, December 17, 2010


Our first snow of the season fell yesterday. The picture above was take in Washington around 11:15 AM, from the M Street Bridge over Rock Creek. I was leaving work to head up to Hood to give my final exam, a 46-mile drive that took 2 hours in the snow, even leaving at 11:15.

The picture below was taken this morning in the woods near my house, where it was beautiful and still. I did not learn until I was nearly 30 how marvelous the woods can be in winter. One has to wear waterproof boots and warm socks, but with the right clothes a day like today -- new snow, 25 degrees Fahrenheit, no wind -- is the perfect time to walk in the woods. Coraline agreed. I wasn't sure she would, since she hates the rain, but she frolicked in the snow like a puppy.

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