Monday, October 8, 2018

Throw Open the Treasure Chest

From the Digital Strategy of the Library of Congress:
We will throw open the treasure chest 
The Library's content, programs, and expertise are national treasures – we are dedicated to sharing them as broadly as possible. The growth of the Library's digital content, which includes our collections, has increased exponentially every year. We will make that content available and accessible to more people, work carefully to respect the expectations of the Congress and the rights of creators, and support the use of our content in software-enabled research, art, exploration, and learning.

Exponentially grow our collections 
The Library will continue to build a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity. We will expand our digital acquisitions program; continue our aggressive digitization program, which prioritizes the Library's unique treasures; and improve search and access services that facilitate discovery of materials in both physical and digital formats.
Much more at the link. The Library of Congress has indeed become one of the great online repositories of images, maps, and historical texts. I use it every week, and many wonders from its collection have appeared here. (Image is a drawing of a vision by Chief Black Elk, from the LoC.)

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