Friday, December 26, 2014

Religion and Experience

Religion is fundamentally a practice that helps people to look at the world as it is and yet to experience it — to some extent, in some way — as it should be.

--T.M. Luhrmann

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G. Verloren said...

"Should" being a highly subjective thing - which is perhaps the point.

Religion is about ignoring the parts of the world that you don't want to think about or accept, and instead willfully deluding yourself into believing comfortable lies.

"Humanity is the center of the universe! We were the ultimate creation of an all powerful deity, were created in that deity's image, and were chosen to carry on that deity's legacy and will! We are not cosmically insignificant, we are the entire reason for the existence of the cosmos! We are not fallible, irrational, overgrown hairless apes! We are perfect beings who are by definition infallible because our tiniest whim is law as decided by our deity! And anyone who doesn't agree with us is an agent of evil and chaos working to undo all that is good and sacred in the world!"