Sunday, February 26, 2012

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Yesterday I was in Richmond for a family party at my father's house. I continued my 50th birthday celebration by taking my daughter Mary to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The pretext was the Gothic Mourner exhibit, sculptures from the tomb of John the Fearless of Burgundy. These were delightful -- I love Gothic sculpture -- but it was a small exhibit, leaving plenty of time for other things.

 Like their classical collection.

This Hellenistic head of Dionysus was my favorite object in the classical room.

We wandered through their Art Deco and Art Nouveau rooms, full of the sort of objects you remember from movies about the super rich made in the middle of the Depression. Like this appalling bedroom set, and wild Tiffany punch bowl.

And the modern rooms, where they have a decent collection that includes this Anselm Kiefer, Landscape with Wing (1981).

It was quite fun, and I love sharing these things with my daughter.

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