Sunday, September 12, 2021

Stepan Kolesnikov

Stepan Fedorovitch Kolesnikoff (1879 - 1955), was a Russian painter who worked most of his life in Serbia. The famous painting above, Church on an Island, is a good introduction to Kolesnikoff's work: spiritual, pretty, with a palate that tends toward winter and mist. 

Kolesnikoff was born in a peasant family, but his talent was somehow recognized and he won a scholarship to  an art school in Odessa. In 1903, Kolesnikoff was accepted into the Imperial Academy of Arts.

He moved to Belgrade in 1919 and lived there or nearby for the rest of his life.  

I don't think these are especially great art, but they are pretty and soothing. And just looking at them makes me feel cool, important during this season of sweltering Dog Days, with forecast highs around 90 all week.

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