Monday, February 18, 2019


Amusing internet exercise in which people cutely summarize their graduate work. Some are posted with the actual thesis titles, others not. Examples:

Either they’re lying, I’m lying, or we need a better model.
Psychology, Yale University.

Fishing isn’t sustainable because we catch too many fish.
History of Science, Harvard

I tried to stress out invertebrates but couldn’t; they had already lived a stressful life.
Environmental Toxicology, King’s College London

If you give people controls, they can adjust things
Audiology, San Diego State University

“A comparison of self-adjusted amplification settings vs current hearing aid settings of experienced hearing aid users”

Brain Maps: the only kind where you don’t find anything
Biomedical Informatics, Stanford University

Nazi Science Was Bad and They Should Feel Bad: A Review
Forensic Archaeology, Nottingham Trent University

Heute Kühe, Morgen die Aurochs: A Critical Study of the Work of the Heck Brothers

Rich people liked to buy and look at fancy things.
History of Art, University of Pennsylvania

I studied a protein for 4.5 years nobody ever studied before. Now I know why.
Biochemistry, University of Hohenheim

Turns out teenagers don’t trust their teachers no matter how much you make them meditate
Educational Science, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Comparing and strengthening compassion, trust and motivation in adolescent students through compassionate meditation

I asked some farmers what they thought was important about farming. Turns out, it depends.
Sociology, Warren Wilson College

Becoming a Farmer: the Political and Ideological Priorities of First-Generation Farmers

Reading these has led me to wonder how I would summarize my own thesis. Maybe,

Medieval justice: hang the homeless criminals, lecture the ones with homes and tell them to look after each other better.

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szopen said...

"I studied a protein for 4.5 years nobody ever studied before. Now I know why."

LOL. ALmost a summary of my PhD, except mine was in computer science :D