Saturday, December 2, 2017

Medieval Sculpture from Classics Week at Christie's

Next week (December 5-12) is "Classics Week" at Christie's in London, and they are selling an amazing array of the sort of art I love. More posts on the prettiest stuff to come later. But first, let me indulge my scholarly interests, because their European Sculpture sale includes many remarkable medieval objects. Above, Flemish candlestick from the second half of the 14th century.

Virgin in the pose called "Seated Wisdom", from northern Spain, c. 1200.

Falconer on Horseback, northern Germany, 1250-1300.

Stone Heraldic lion, probably English, 1400 to 1450

Crucifixion scene from Brabant, c. 1500

The show includes a big collection of the water vessels known as aquamaniles. Above, sheep from northern Germany, 13th century.

Tonsured man, probably Germany, 1350-1400.

Lion from northern Germany, c. 1200.

And finally, Christ with the Twelve Apostles, Upper Rhine Region, 1500-1510, and details.

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