Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nicholas Kristoff on Why Universities Need Conservatives

An argument for diversity; I thought this was the most interesting part:
. . . when scholars cluster on the left end of the spectrum, they marginalize themselves. We desperately need academics like sociologists and anthropologists influencing American public policy on issues like poverty, yet when they are in an outer-left orbit, their wisdom often goes untapped.

In contrast, economists remain influential. I wonder if that isn’t partly because there is a critical mass of Republican economists who battle the Democratic economists and thus tether the discipline to the American mainstream.

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szopen said...

No one is spared of the confirmation bias. Errors in your arguments (your does not mean blog's author, just hypothetical "you") and your theories are more likely to be found by people disagreeing with you, not agreeing with you. If your goal is to pursue the Truth, then you should invite people disagreeing with you.

That's why I, conservative far-right winger spent a lot of my time on left-wing blogs (and english-speaking for that, since Polish left-wing blogs are just echo chambers for ideas from the west, or they talk about boring current politics).