Thursday, May 5, 2016

Backing Trump Despite it All

Mark Krikorian:
Donald Trump is unfit to be president. He’s a braggart and a liar. And a serial adulterer. He’s behaved shamefully during the primary campaign. He wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if he tripped over it in the street. He doesn’t know even the Cliff Notes version of any policy issue. The idea that the party of Lincoln and Reagan, Coolidge and Eisenhower, Justice Harlan and Senator Taft has nominated Trump is appalling.

And I'm going to vote for him anyway.
Krikorian goes on to explain that the people the president appoints are in toto more important than just the president, and he expects that a Trump administration will be staffed with Republican party types he will prefer to Hillary appointees. Which is true up to a point. But the decisions a president makes still matter, and Trump has shown evidence of both awful judgment and a refusal to take advice, even an unwillingness to listen to advice that might be heard as criticism. So making him president still seems to me a bad bet for a person of conservative temperment.

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G. Verloren said...

If Hitler was a Republican, some people would still vote for him over any Democrat whatsoever.

It's a mindset I can't remotely understand. Loyalty to a group identity and ideaological affiliation beyond all reason, to the point of dangerous self delusion and hyper-rationalization, is so alien to me as to defy all ability to grapple with it intellectually.