Saturday, May 7, 2016

More Robins

Like many other Americans suburbs, our neighborhood is full of robins. And some of them seem to be remarkably stupid about where they nest. In my early days here I chronicled the pair that built their nest on top of the ladder that was leaning next to our back door. Those actually raised some chicks that fledged and flew off. A few years ago another pair built their nest in the rose bush right next to the gate between our front and back yards; they couldn't handle the traffic, so they abandoned their eggs and skedaddled. Now we have this nest about two feet from our front door, with four eggs in it now. Every time you open the front door, or approach it from the outside, a robin shoots up squawking from the nest, sometimes flying past a foot from your face, to the great alarm of both parties. But so far they haven't given up, so maybe we will have baby robins in the front yard soon.

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