Saturday, July 2, 2016

Santiago Rusiñol i Prats

Santiago Rusiñol i Prats (1862-1931) was a Catalan poet, playwright, painter, garden designer, architect, and more. (Autumn Road, 1888)

Rusiñol was born in Barcelona in 1861, to a family of textile magnates. He rebelled against his parents' plans for him, as one did, and insisted from his early teenage years that he would be an artist. (Blue Patio, Montserat, 1892)

He studied first in Barcelona but then in 1889 he moved to Paris and lived in Montmartre where his neighbors included Ramon Casas and Ignacio Zuloaga. He also developed a long and troubled relationship with morphine, which appears in several of his paintings. (Morphine)

Street in Rouen.

Rusiñol experimented with different styles. For a while he was considered a Symbolist, but in the 1890s he began calling himself a "modernist." (Blue Courtyard)

In 1893 he returned to Spain founded a studio and museum in the coastal town of Sitges, where he spent much of the rest of his life. There he organized festivals of modernist art and theater and became known as a leader of Catalan modernism. When he was in Barcelona he hung around the café Els Quatre Gats, later to be famous as Pablo Picasso's favorite haunt. Like the rest of that circle he spent time on Mallorca. (Pines)

Evening in the Park.

Pool in a Church Garden at Son Moragues, 1903. I personally can't see much "modern" about these paintings, but I suppose it's the attitude that counts.

Late in life he got involved in designing gardens, and many of the paintings I have found online are gardens he painted at this time partly as studies for his design work. These are all renderings of the gardens at Aranjuez.

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