Thursday, July 28, 2016

Already Great

President Obama in Philadelphia:
Look, we Democrats have always had plenty of differences with the Republican Party, and there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s precisely this contest of ideas that pushes our country forward.

But what we heard in Cleveland last week wasn’t particularly Republican – and it sure wasn’t conservative. What we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other, and turn away from the rest of the world. There were no serious solutions to pressing problems – just the fanning of resentment, and blame, and anger, and hate.

And that is not the America I know.

The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous. Sure, we have real anxieties – about paying the bills, protecting our kids, caring for a sick parent. We get frustrated with political gridlock, worry about racial divisions; are shocked and saddened by the madness of Orlando or Nice. There are pockets of America that never recovered from factory closures; men who took pride in hard work and providing for their families who now feel forgotten; parents who wonder whether their kids will have the same opportunities we had.

All that is real. We’re challenged to do better; to be better. But as I’ve traveled this country, through all fifty states; as I’ve rejoiced with you and mourned with you, what I’ve also seen, more than anything, is what is right with America. I see people working hard and starting businesses; people teaching kids and serving our country. I see engineers inventing stuff, and doctors coming up with new cures. I see a younger generation full of energy and new ideas, not constrained by what is, ready to seize what ought to be.

Most of all, I see Americans of every party, every background, every faith who believe that we are stronger together – black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American; young and old; gay, straight, men, women, folks with disabilities, all pledging allegiance, under the same proud flag, to this big, bold country that we love. . . .

America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump.


Shadow said...

A very consequential president for his ideas. One thing I admire about him is how aware he is of his presence and how he projects. His speeches are as effective for his presence as they are for their content.

pithom said...

"A very consequential president for his ideas."

-Nope. Whatever ideas he had have been remarkably inconsequential. Donald Trump's ideas have been more consequential already.

Ideologically consequential presidents included Jackson, FDR, Reagan, and Jefferson.

"One thing I admire about him is how aware he is of his presence and how he projects. His speeches are as effective for his presence as they are for their content."

-His speeches aren't bad as Hers or Michelle's. Sometimes, they're pretty good.

I thought Booker's, Donald Trump Jr's, and Newt's speeches were very good. I was very disappointed with Her speech. I didn't watch Kaine or Obama's speeches due to the stupid song that came before Kaine's speech, but I can only presume Obama's speech must have been good. I didn't like Michelle's speech.