Monday, July 11, 2016

Meanwhile, at the Westboro Baptist Church

As G. noted when I posted about Pokemon GO, the game has a habit of making churches into "gyms" – that is, places that a player can take and hold until someone else comes along with a more powerful Pokemon to dethrone them. And one of the churches that is a Pokemon GO gym is Westboro Baptist. So yesterday somebody claimed the gym with a Clefairy named LOVEISLOVE. Nice trolling.

But the church is fighting back, with the slogan, "We speak whatever language is necessary to spread our message." Now I ask you, did you expect to read "Recruited Jigglypuff to sing new lyrics to sodomite Clefairy" today?

Pokemon GO has gone huge; my neighborhood is full of players, the only time I have ever seen packs of kids roaming the town having fun together. This will long be remembered as the summer of Pokemon GO.

Beats hearing more about Donald Trump every day.

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