Friday, November 20, 2015


Haniwa were hollow clay figures made to be placed in and around Japanese tombs between 250 and 650 CE.

The world means "clay cylinder," and some are just that. But at least most of the ones I can find pictures of were figures, like the shamaness at the top of the post or the boar above.

Very detailed warrior; these are actually our best source for Japanese armor in this period.


A famous pair of haniwa who seem to be singing and dancing. Yes, famous -- haniwa are a big deal in Japanese popular culture. You can buy replicas or even stuffed toy versions, and several anime characters are based on them.

Noble woman.


Those from one particular region of Honshu can be recognized by their full beards.

And more. Delightful things, and best of all nobody really knows what they mean or what they were for.

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