Monday, June 20, 2022

The Father's Day Tribute

I was listening to rock radio yesterday when they played a set of songs "for all the dads out there," one of which was "Papa was a Rolling Stone." So, like, this one's for all the no good, never around, deadbeat, bigamizing dads out there; hey, it's your day, too!


szopeno said...

here we have few days until our Day comes :) (June the 23rd)

Best wishes t all fathers who celebrate their (our) day today!

G. Verloren said...

This has real "US Military playing Rock The Casbah for fighter pilots as they bombed Iraq in the Gulf War" vibes.

I've come to realize that many people simply don't listen to lyrics at all - the vocals just sort of wash over them, perceived merely as yet another instrument.

This leads to people totally missing the point of songs, particularly ones where there is an ironic disconnect between the sound of the music and the message of the words.

99 Luftballoons is a great example of the above - cheerful, poppy music accompanied by bleak and cynical lyrics about looming nuclear war. Shockingly, the band are on record saying they don't like the English version, feeling it's too blatant in its message, since they didn't want to be perceived as a protest band - and yet it seems like it's still far from blatant enough for most Americans to pick up on what the song is actually about.