Saturday, June 4, 2022

Punk Politics

This, from John Lydon of the Sex Pistols, aka Johnny Rotten, reveals a lot about how political positions intersect with other aspects of our personalities:

I never thought I'd live to see the day when the right wing would become the cool ones giving the middle finger to the establishment and the left wing becoming the sniveling self-righteous twatty ones going around shaming everyone.

Tweeted by Elon Musk, of course.


David said...

1) I'm completely astonished that Johnnie R. is still alive.

2) Highly recommended is this essay in the NYT from a writer for the conservative National Review: It's very much about the way our politics is (or are) mixing old typologies in new ways. I've found it so interesting I've read it twice.

In general, it seems to me both left and right now have their distinctive forms of admired transgression and their distinctive forms of desired control. For the latter, from the left you do get self-righteous twattiness; from the right, you get a sort of political Blutoism.

G. Verloren said...


"Political Blutoism" - is that a reference to Popeye, or to Animal House? I'm hoping the former, although they're both apt in their own ways - I just think the first option moreso.

David said...


G. Verloren said...

I never thought I'd live to see the day when the right wing would become the cool ones giving the middle finger to the establishment and the left wing becoming the sniveling self-righteous twatty ones going around shaming everyone.

Hey, Johnny? Remember how you grew up poor and Irish? Remember how you've talked about people literally throwing bricks at you because of that? It wasn't the liberals trying to cave in your skull with goddamn bricks, Johnny. It was the conservatives - who, I should remind you, were the establishment back then.

You are complaining that the conservatives are no longer the establishment, and that the liberals who have now replaced them go around "shaming everyone". Would you rather have the brick throwers back in power, literally trying to cripple or murder you and your family and your people simply for existing?

You liked it when liberals were "anti-establishment" (i.e. - not in power), but now that they're the ones in power instead you're disappointed? You don't like liberals "shaming" the brick throwers today, but you were okay with them "giving the finger" to them back when?

What is actually your complaint, here? That the method in which the liberals are telling the brick-throwing conservatives to fuck off isn't "cool" enough for you? That you preferred it when the Rebel Alliance were the underdogs killing off Storm Troopers with lasers, and now that they lead the Republic and simply shame would-be Imperial Restorationists with words you no longer believe in the cause? Did you root for the Rebels because of their principles, or just because the word "rebel" was in the name?

Or put more simply, do you actually believe in poor Irish children not having bricks thrown at them? Or do you just like the idea of "giving the finger" to the brick throwers, and don't care about actually preventing bricks from flying? Do you, in fact, actually WANT bricks to be thrown at children on some level, so that you can be "cool" and have someone to "give the middle finger to"? Is being Punk a moral stance for you, or just an aesthetic choice? I wonder...

G. Verloren said...

Oh no, look at me, being uncool and using my words to try to shame Johnny Rotten!

Well, let's translate it into something he can understand and respect:

Fuck you, Johnny. Forty years ago you hit it big by screaming obscenities into a microphone, because people thought you had a meaningful message behind it. But you seem to have forgotten what your own point ever was, if it all wasn't just an act and you ever actually had one.

You sang "God Save The Queen" about your feelings that the youth in Britain had no future - but you got your future, and the Cold War ended. It's not the "H-Bomb" that threatens the future of today's youth, but climate change. And who created this current climate crisis for them, huh? Your fucking generation, you sniveling selfish cunt! You narcissistic, self-obsessed, Baby Boomer fuckwad! You lived your entire fucking life blasting Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll™, sucking down a consumerist lifestyle fueled by BIG FUCKING FOSSIL FUEL, guzzling gasoline by the gallon, just so you could make a bunch of noise and feel like a rebel! Did you ever give one shit about making the world a better place for future generations? Or just your own?

Fuck right off with your obsessive worship of "rebellion"! Take that middle finger you worship and shove it up your goddamn ass! We're trying to have a goddamn future over here, and all you can whine about is that the liberals in power aren't being Edgy™ enough for your Punk™ tastes?! Get bent, you twit! You think the Conservatives are "cool"? The same motherfuckers who tried to brick you to death for being a filthy Irish sub-human? Go spend some time with them then - perhaps they'll entertain your nostalgia and obliterate your cranium, for old time's sake! Grow a goddamn brain to replace the one you fried on drugs, you festering imbecile! FUCK!

Anonymous said...

@G. Verloren maybe go outside for a little while

Susi said...

Verloren: Amen on both comments.