Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Gallo-Roman Sanctuary Uncovered in Brittany

French archaeologists have uncovered an impressive sanctuary in western Brittany dating to between 30 BC and 300 AD. The sanctuary centered on a sacred space surrounded by a colonnade, within which were two temples. 

Foundations of the temples.

The double surrounding wall, which is interpreted as a colonnade.

There was more to the sanctuary than the sacred precinct, including a cemetery, a small village, and these baths.

Reconstruction. The assumption is that these were used for purification by worshippers before they entered the sacred precinct.

One of the artifacts recovered was this statuette of Mars, which may be a clue to one of the gods worshipped here.

The other great artifact was this bronze bowl.

After conservation.

Close-up of one of the handles.

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