Friday, October 22, 2021


Another "street artist", the Spaniard Pejac, has become a major art world star. The oldest posts I have found about his art date to 2014, like this one. 

Here is a clever one done in Seoul in 2015.

He got a big boost in 2020 by creating works that commented on the pandemic; this is Overcoming.

One of his other gimmicks has been painting on pressed wood, using the grain as part of the composition.

But despite the gimmickism I think he is very talented, mainly in a dark vein. This is Counterweight, 2021.

Even his political "interventions" have a loveliness and arresting style. This is Landless Stranded, atop the Neo-Gothic Holy Cross Church in Berlin's Kreuzberg district. The commission was to create a work reflecting on the refugee crisis, but the artist says it represents all people who feel lost and threatened.

Drain I, 2021, a work that is getting a lot of exposure on the art blogs.

A work from 2018 for which I could not find a title.

Geography Lesson, 2020

Gentle Rain, 2018

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