Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mueller Sideshow

As I have long predicted, the Mueller investigation turned up nothing that will force Trump from office or otherwise shake up the Republic. All the news organizations that have been hyping the upcoming report for two years have fake news egg on their faces.

Trump is probably strengthened by this whole affair; for Democrats and their media allies to have talked it up for so long and ended up with no charges against the president undermines the credibility of any other attacks on Trump.

It was so predictable.

Many people long for something dramatic to happen in politics: a revolution, a generational realignment, a smoking gun. But mostly we muddle through and make do.

We're stuck with Trump and need to accept that and figure out how to move forward despite him.

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Anonymous said...

Take comfort you will long be governed by this moral and intellectual paragon -- you have the point of view of a thirteenth century serf.