Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cressida Campbell

Australian artist Cressida Campbell is an Australian artist born in Sydney in 1960.  These works were all made by a process
that combines both painting and printing. Campbell’s process results in two unique artworks: an engraved woodblock and a mirror-image print on paper. For four decades Campbell has begun each of her works by drawing her composition onto a sheet of plywood, before inscribing its contours with an etching tool. Once the woodblock is prepared, she paints the carved design with layer upon layer of watercolour paint. Finally the entire board is sprayed with water and used to create a single, parallel impression, which is hand finished with fine sable brushes.
Very pretty. (Garden at St. Kevin's 1987)

Flannel Flowers, 2013.

Plums with India Cloth, 2004

Xanthorrhoea, 1987

Berry Island, 1992

Gingko, 2017

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