Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Frank Lloyd Wright's Drawings

Millard House, 1923. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is very jealous with these images, so much of what you see online comes from one source, a big 150th birthday exhibition that MOMA staged in 2017.

Gordon Strong "Automobile Objective and Planetarium" planned for, but never built on, Maryland's Sugarloaf Mountain. 1924.

Two renderings of his concrete block "textile houses," not sure which. 1920s.

Thaxter-Shaw House Living Area, 1906.

Design for stone work in the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, 1915.

"Kindersymphonie" theater for children's concerts, Oak Park, Chicago. This is the thing that amazes me about Wright; for him, even a tiny theater where kids would watch Peter and the Wolf should be an architectural masterpiece.

The Rosewald Foundation, 1928.

Unity Temple, 1908

Fallingwater, 1935

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