Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ken Hamilton's Portraits

Ken Hamilton -- this Ken Hamilton, anyway, since there are at least two other Ken Hamiltons who show up when you search for "Ken Hamilton artist" -- is a contemporary Irish painter born in 1956. He is a scholar of the old masters who has done research on the techniques of 17th-century painting.  A strident anti-modernist, his works are all portraits or still lifes. His success seems to be a fairly recent thing, since everything I have found about him on the web is from 2007 or later. Above, Aurelia.

The Veil.

The Card Player.

The Pearl Earring.


madpaperbag said...

where did you come across the Card Player, that is a beauty. Very Vermeer. Is it on view anywhere?

John said...

Probably not, since I found it in listed for sale on some gallery web site. You can see more of his stuff at


Ellen said...

His work is magnificent !
See this gorgeous painting entitled "Stillness"; available for sale !