Tuesday, January 4, 2022


We had a surprise snowstorm yesterday. The forecast was for "wintry mix." When I got up at 6:00 AM it was snowing hard but the temperature was just above freezing, so there was nothing in the yard but half an inch of slush. I sat down to work. But then the temperature fell, and an hour late when I looked outside again it was sticking and everything was white. This was the view from my porch a little before noon.

Later in the afternoon, with the some blue sky showing through the passing clouds. It was nice to learn that despite all the weirdness of this year, my younger daughter still whooped with joy when she heard school was cancelled.

And today I took a walk in the woods in glorious sunshine.

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Shadow said...

It didn't look that pretty when I was shoveling it. Then I saw the traffic jam on I-95, Northern Virginia, and I decided shoveling is just fine. I could have been in that disaster.

Nice photos.