Friday, January 21, 2022

Islamic Metalwork from the David Museum

Brass Casket from Iran, 1300 to 1350. Height 12.8 cm.

Brazier and coal tongs, bronze with engraved decorations Eastern Iran or Afghanistan; 12th-13th century. Height of brazier, 38.5; Diameter at rim: 29 cm

Openwork lamp, Iraq or Iran, 10th century, diameter 40 cm.

Ewer, Andalusia, 10th-11th century. Height 22 cm.

This item is described as a Kashkul or "begging bowl". I suppose that means it was used by some charitable institution, like a school or a hospital, to solicit alms. From Iran, 1500-1550. Tinned copper and brass, 52 cm long.

Helmet, steel and brass, from India or Persia, 19th century. Much more at the David Museum's web site.

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