Tuesday, November 3, 2020

New Exercise Tricks


It might have been one of my regular runs around the streets of Singapore, but the experience was spiced with danger.

I was the hero in my very own spy story, speeding from one checkpoint to another to foil the bad guys.

The plot came from a running app called Running Stories, which casts you as a secret agent in a story playing out with a heart-thumping soundtrack.

It is one of the latest apps designed to make exercise more entertaining, using real-time data that integrates the plot with your surroundings.

Key events in the storyline are triggered when a runner passes specific GPS markers and landmarks.

From being shot at by snipers to racing to catch a speedboat along the river, the plot kept me engaged and burned plenty of calories.

Despite the scorching sun, I managed to complete the mission, save the day and fight the flab.

I've often wondered if I could make any money setting up real-world adventures like this, sort of like fancy treasure hunts. I would certainly enjoy doing it.

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