Friday, May 15, 2020

Links 15 May 2020

Detail of "Beauty and the Beast" by John Dickson Batten

Narrative of the bizarre failed coup attempt in Venezuela.

Art Institute of Chicago post on Joseph Cornell and his boxes.

Can we use the past to predict the future?

This El Greco show was supposed to be one of this year's big traveling exhibits; here is the Art Institute of Chicago's online version

The Supreme Court ponders faithless electors.

If you are afraid to talk about GRE scores, you are afraid to talk about reality.

US pasta manufacturers are working 24/7 to keep up with surging demand.

Amusing video of Germany's first drive-in rave. I've been told other sorts of live music are trying this out.

Good account of the life and works of Samuel Johnson.

The BLM wants a billion dollars to control wild horses. The cost is so high because Congress wants the BLM to sterilize horses instead of rounding them up and selling them for slaughter.

Walter Raleigh's Search for el Dorado

Michael Shermer on Covid-19 conspiracy theories

This week's web site:, which posts collections of maps and images from classical towns, sanctuaries, and other sites. I have kept looking for one post I could link to, but the best, most detailed descriptions are actually spread over two to four separate posts; so just go explore.

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