Wednesday, May 6, 2020

In the Woods

I've been walking in the woods every day lately, since I'm not walking from the Metro to the office or to lunch or any civilized thing like that. Here are a few images from my wanderings. Above is yet another failed attempt to capture the extraordinary quality of green light that infuses the beech groves in spring.

The white-bodied, brown-headed deer, still young, lately seen wandering the woods with two adults who are probably very worried about its fate, not aware that with no hunters and no wolves its chances are pretty good.

Jack-in-the-pulpit, growing in the center of an old gravel road. On a different day my son Ben and I cut off the trail to bypass a family who were walking at their toddler's pace and stumbled across more than 20 of these blooming in a boggy patch.

On a day with strange, pale, filtered light.

One of the minor oddities of our patch of woods is a nearly perfect half circle of stones, laid out no doubt by teenagers past for reasons of either boredom or witchcraft. Since my teenage son Ben was dressed that day in his black bathrobe (as he often is) it was a good time to pose.

And back home, two adult rabbits who were gamboling around the yard like little bunnies, oblivious to danger, no doubt preparing to make the next generation.

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