Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thrace at the Louvre

There's an exhibit at the Louvre of ancient Thracian artifacts from Bulgaria, and Juliana Lees has pictures. All of these objects come from royal tombs of the 4th century BCE. A few were imported from Greece, but most were locally made. Above, silver jug, 350-300 BCE.

Jug showing the mistress of animals, silver with gilt highlights, c 350-325 BCE.

Skyphos, silver with some gilt, 325-300 BCE.

Silver disk with heads, c 300 BCE. This and all the objects above were probably made in Thrace.

Rhyton with scenes of boar hunt, gilt silver, Greek, c. 350 BCE.

Silver rhyton with wedding scene, c. 400 BCE. This is interpreted as the sacred wedding of Dionysus and Ariane.

Famous bronze head, imported from Greece, 350-300 BCE.

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