Monday, May 18, 2015

Shootout at the Man Cave

Nine bikers were killed in a gang fight in Waco, Texas yesterday:
The gunfire erupted about 12:15 p.m. outside a Twin Peaks Restaurant, where members of the motorcycle clubs had gathered. The fight spilled into the parking lot, initially involving just fists and feet, but escalating quickly to chains, knives, clubs and firearms. Waco police officers were already at the scene when the confrontation unfolded because they had anticipated problems as hundreds of bikers from at least five groups gathered at the shopping plaza.
As with so many other troubles in America, the fight “started over a parking issue.” And why were they gathered at the Twin Peaks?
The Twin Peaks Restaurant had hosted motorcycle gang members in the past, the police said. The authorities made little effort on Sunday to conceal their frustration with the restaurant’s managers, who they said had previously been uncooperative in dealing with the Police Department’s security concerns about biker gatherings there. . . . “Apparently, the management wanted them here.”
Yes, the bad-guy vibe was their business strategy:
In an announcement about the restaurant’s opening, Twin Peaks promoted the location as the “ultimate man-cave,” with at least 55 flat-screen televisions and 24 types of beer. As recently as last week, the restaurant advertised “Bike Night” on Thursdays and promised “beers, bites and bikes at the hottest place in town!”
And are they chastened? Early signs point to no:
In a statement, a spokesman for the Twin Peaks Restaurant chain emphasized that the shooting had occurred outside the restaurant.
As long as people are drawn to the dark side -- that is, most likely forever -- somebody is going to try to profit from it. While I'm on that subject, one of the gangs involved in the shooting is the Bandidos, and what is their motto?
We are the people our parents warned us about.

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"What you rebelling against?"
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