Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeb Bush Stumbles around about Iraq and his Brother

Jeb Bush has looked a bit of a fool this week, saying that he looks to his brother W for advice on foreign policy and then that he still thinks invading Iraq was a good  idea. When various Democrats and anti-war Republicans exploded about that last item he called Scott Hannity to say he had been misinterpreted and only meant that given what we knew in 2003, he would have invaded Iraq. But then he refused to answer a direct question about what he does think now. It all seemed very amateur:
It was the third time in six weeks that Mr. Bush had to backpedal, offering a stark reminder that despite his deep political ties and his family’s history in elected office, he remains a novice on the national campaign trail.
I think these moments are a big concern for Bush because the whole premise of his campaign is that he is the steady, reliable, experienced hand, the professional in a field of amateurs. If he is going to be as much of a bumbler as Scott Walker, what is his advantage, and why should Republicans vote for him?

Shouldn't he have worked out the fundamental question of how to differentiate himself from his brother, and how much to rely on his brother's legacy, before he got into the race?

There is still plenty of time, but I will say again that if Bush cannot put himself in a different league from newcomers like Walker and Cruz -- in terms of gravitas, experience, commander-in-chief-ness, however you want to put it -- primary voters will ignore him and vote their hearts, which are absolutely not with him and his establishment friends.

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Shadow said...

So he's a good brother. Shows some class if a lack of political astuteness.

My opinion is Bush is still the favorite. Cruz and Walker are going nowhere. Cruz is too right -- when has the republican nomination last gone to someone that far right and controversial? -- while Walker's confrontations with public workers hurts him nationally. People are tired of confrontations. They want to see people work together. Bush's main competition comes from his protege, Rubio, and, if he runs, Kaisch. Kaisch is likable (never underestimate likability) and has a fairly good resume.

On an aside, who is the big loser of yesterday's Free Trade volte. Many say Obama, but I think it is Hilary Clinton. Clinton stands on the sidelines, while Warren rallies the troops with substance and passion. Clinton looks like a bystander. She never did anything like that while a senator.