Monday, August 16, 2021

US Census 2020

Overall population up 7.4%, to 331 million.

This is the slowest growth since the 1930s, and 52% of counties lost people.

The numbers on ethnicity are complicated, because the way race is counted and reported has been "evolving." Now we have complications like "Hispanic, white," "Hispanic, non-white", and "Hispanic, more than one race," and a lot more mixed-race people. The various tables presented by the Census Bureau don't even agree with each other.

But, anyway, the numbers seem to show that the white-only population shrank 8.6%, to 204 million.

The multiracial population grew 276%, to 33.8 million. This has to be mainly due to people reclassifying themselves.

The Hispanic population grew 23%, to 61 million. 

The Asian population grew 32%, to 24 million.

The black population grew 6%, to 47 million.

This table from CNN shows their interpretation of the ethnic breakdown:

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