Friday, July 5, 2019

Links July 5, 2019

By request I am experimenting with a weekly post of links to things I liked but didn't get around to writing about:

English gardens

The genetic case for an Aryan invasion of India in the Bronze Age: one, two.

Anti SJW humor at McSweeney's, one of the most liberal publications on the planet. Trend?

For the GOP, "There is only Trump."

Spitalfields Life tours the Chatham Royal Dockyard in London.

Building a robot to figure out the best way to skip rocks.

Cicadas high on fungus drugs won’t stop mating

"Credibilty is just an excuse to launch attacks."

Web site of the week: Dido of Carthage, a Tumblr devoted to classics, archaeology, and more recent art on classical themes.

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