Monday, June 30, 2014

The Gardens of Versailles

A picture of the Apollo Basin in a book from the library started me daydreaming about the immense gardens of Versailles, 800 hectares of beauty on the edge of Paris.

I just love this fountain, created in 1668-71 by Charles Le Brun. The image of this golden chariot emerging from the waters is one I can always call to mind.

And this is just one of many fountains and a vast array of other water features.

Plan of 1746.

The Orangery, one of the first garden features built. This is the sort of geometrical layout I used to imagine when I thought of Baroque gardens.

But Versailles has much more, including vast flower beds.

And an amazing array of sculpture.

But instead of Versailles, here I am at home again. . . .

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