Friday, June 19, 2020

Potential Metaphors about Something or Other

Behold the only orchid I have ever gotten to rebloom after it dropped the flowers it came with. This was the work of my wife and our cats. My wife read somewhere that to keep orchids blooming you have to give them very little water. So we have been keeping it thirsty. I had to take this outside to get a decent photograph but most of the time it lives in our dining room window, which it shares with the cats, who have repeatedly – through either clumsiness or malice, depending on who you ask – knocked it onto the floor. And lo, it blooms.


Susi said...

If an orchid like its location and watering schedule it will prosper. Indirect light, once a week soaking and thorough draining of water and consistent temps keep mine in bloom once a year. They love high humidity, which comes with the damp medium. Easy plants!

Anonymous said...

Grape vines that struggle make the best wine.