Friday, June 5, 2020

Links 5 June 2020

Patrick Cabral, Wolf

Dolly Parton as a philanthropist and educational pioneer.

Conor Friedersdorf interviews Tyler Cowen about the regulatory state and its response to Covid-19, very intelligent.

This 425-million-year-old fossil millipede may be the world's oldest land animal

Kevin Drum's very brief history of riots in Los Angeles.

The History Blog's guide to the greatest video hits of Irving Finkel, the British Museum's mad scholar of ancient Mesopotamia.

Scott Alexander's review of an old classic of psychohistory, Julian Jaynes' The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. If you ever wanted to understand Jaynes' argument without reading the book, here is your chance.

Twitter thread on ways to reduce police violence, backed by lots of research. And another.

Data on what happens to coronavirus infection rates after schools re-open.

A true Rube Goldberg contraption: the clams that monitor Warsaw's water supply. Fascinating if true, about which I am withholding judgment.

Long NY Times piece on the CDC and its response to the coronavirus. Even with all the background supplied here, some of their actions remain baffling.

Astonishing video of a mudslide in Alta, Norway.

Huge Maya structure (1400x400 m platform) identified by laser scanning.

Wikipedia's list of culture-bound psychiatric syndromes. For the West, this includes anorexia nervosa; some think PMS should be on the list, since women in most of the world deny experiencing it, but this is "controversial."

The drowned "ghost forests" of Maryland's Eastern Shore


szopeno said...

The thing about clams seems to be true (amazing! And more amazing that I find out about this from American blogger :D :D :D)

John said...

Thanks, I was hoping you could help us out.