Monday, June 22, 2020

Assyrian Warfare from "The Treasures of Nineveh"

Austen Henry Layard's 1853 book on his excavations at Nineveh contains many striking images of Assyrian warfare drawn from stone reliefs. I was struck by the long mail coats being worn by many figures, such as these archers.

These chariot archers appear to be wearing similar armor.

More mounted archers.

This panel depicts Assyrian troops invading a mountainous country, perhaps giving some idea what their army looked like on the march.

But it is the images of siegecraft that really draw military historians. They depict several different ways of attacking a walled city: scaling ladders,

mining  under the walls,

and the use of siege towers and battering rams.

The Assyrians had no navy of their own but they acquired warships when they conquered Phoenicia.

And one more, fighting outside a city.

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