Friday, April 3, 2020

Links 3 April 2020

George Orwell statue outside the BBC in London by Twocoms

Spitalfields Life visits St. Olave's, which was Samuel Pepys church.

Michael Sorkin's list of 250 Things an Architect Should Know

France's never-ending anti-terrorism mission in Africa's Sahel

Something pleasant: new David Hockney drawings from a recent stay in Normandy

Video of modern people trying to play the ancient Maya ball game

A topic I enjoy: writers' houses

Ross Douthat on the ideology of responses to the pandemic

The new science of necroplanetology

Why have Trump's approval ratings risen during the pandemic? And Matt Yglesias notes that Andrew Cuomo's poll bump has been much bigger

Stranded in his Dorset country house, Ben Pentreath has been taking lots of walks through the English countryside.

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