Friday, April 17, 2020

Links 17 April 2020

Three gods, from Palmyra, Syria. Hellenistic. In the Louvre.

Masks as fashion statements.

Pompeii tourism in the Romantic Era

Scientists should share their failures more. (Note that in the days of printed journals this might have been hard to do, since journals were reluctant to publish failed experiments, but these days there are plenty of places to post such results online.)

Newly translated Egyptian spell summons a ghost to bind a man to the woman who wants him.

An enzyme has been discovered that can convert 90 percent of polyethylene terephthalate plastic back to its original materials, far better than any existing system.

The archaeology of a German concentration camp in the Channel Islands

Scott Alexander on the issues surrounding prediction of the Covid-19 epidemic, and prediction in general.

Melting ice in the Norwegian mountains reveals a Viking-age trade route, marked out by cairns, scattered with wonderful artifacts.

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Shadow said...

Matching mask and T-Shirt combos. Can't wait to get mine.