Friday, October 18, 2019

Links 18 October 2019

Rock crystal ring, Aegean, 1600-1300 BC. Now in the MFA, Boston.

Serbs and Kosovo Albanians brought together by Nimbyism.

The Roman Necropolis of Narbonne.

Pasta grannies become YouTube stars. Honestly I think projects like this are what the internet ought to be: the sharing of knowledge and experience between people who would otherwise never meet.

More Nigerian wedding clothes.

Private property and the origins of agriculture. (Yet another attempt to answer the very puzzling question of why people started farming.)

Why so many sex scandals among enlightened Buddhist teachers?

Contestants on "The Price is Right" have gotten increasingly bad since 1972, "suggesting that individuals have become more inattentive to prices."

Anti-noise crusaders.

Is it rational for westerners to fear the rise of China?

Photographer SebastiĆ£o Salgado has turned his family cattle ranch in Brazil into a 1,754-acre private forest preserve.

WAGs: the war of the British soccer wives. Brits needing distraction from their dysfunctional politics are loving this petty scandal.

Interesting poster comparing the sizes of the world's 100 largest islands.

Review of "Against the Grain," in which anarcho-sociologist James Scott argues that grain farming and the state rose together.

Amazon and Hasidic Jews.

More Ferrara: great photo set by one of our regular readers.

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