Friday, October 11, 2019

A Short Trip to the Blue Ridge

When your main client is the National Park Service, you sometimes get to work in extraordinary places.

Tourist trap on the way, possibly fundamentalist propaganda. Sadly I failed to get a photo of the sign that said FIREARM RAFFEL.

Through little Virginia towns.

Down byways.

Mountains looming up.

And views from up on Skyline Drive.


G. Verloren said...

Of all the mountain ranges I've had the good fortune to be able to visit, the Appalachians are by far my favorite, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in particular, with a slight bias toward the southern end of the range.

pootrsox said...

I drive to Staunton from the Northern Neck a number of times every year-- and every year the sight of the Blue Ridge catches me in the throat with its beauty. And as my daughter noted the first time I took her to Staunton, "They really *are* blue!"

Those byways are about all I have to drive on where I live in the Neck, by the way :)

I have a rather lengthy article from the local weekly paper about artifacts being found along the Rappahannock where Dominion is going to lay an underground cable. No clue how to send it to you, and it's not available online.

Shadow said...

Gun raffles???

G. Verloren said...


Exactly what it sounds like. Buy a ticket, see if your number gets drawn, if so receive a gun. Depending on local laws, it doesn't even require a background check.

America! The country where you need to have a valid photo ID to buy a beer, rent a hotel room, get on an airplane, get married, adopt a cat, open a bank account, pick up a prescription, donate blood, et cetera... but you can buy an AR-15 and ten thousand rounds of armor penetrating 5.56 NATO ammunition out of the back of a stranger's pickup truck at a gun show with no questions asked!

America! Where you need a license to go fishing (and a photo ID to apply for it), but not to own modern military rifles so long as they're semi-automatic only!