Friday, April 3, 2015

Meanwhile in Yemen

The Saudi intervention in Yemen is providing a good look at what a more militaristic policy toward Iran and its allies would actually achieve:
The Houthis, portrayed as Iranian proxies by the Saudis but few others, have continued their advances despite nine nights of Saudi-led airstrikes. On Thursday, Houthi fighters captured a presidential palace in the southern port of Aden, killed a Saudi soldier in a skirmish at the border and wounded five others.

Islamist militants, meanwhile, capitalized on the chaos caused by the airstrikes to free a leader of Al Qaeda and hundreds of others from prison and to partly seize control of a crucial city in the south. . . .

The war on Yemen is just a week old, but it is already backfiring and harming regional security.
How is this sort of thing better than negotiations? Isn't there enough war and chaos in the Middle East already?

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