Friday, May 31, 2013

Archaeology in the Nation's Capital

Most of my work for the National Park Service (NPS) has been for the Regional Archaeology Program (RAP) of the National Capital Region (NCR). The NCR RAP now has its own web site. This has a lot of information about archaeology in and around Washington, DC, including the Best Farm slave village and the cool excavations in Harper's Ferry. It also has a lot of my work:
  • Videos on the archaeology of Catoctin Mountain Park, and our report
  • The first volume of my first big report for the Park Service, on my four-year archaeological survey of the Prince William Forest Park in Virginia. This project has a special place in my heart because I did so much of it myself. Now my salary is too high for that, and I have to let less expensive people do most of the historical research and direct the fieldwork while I "manage." Back when I was cheap I spent days wandering around the woods by myself, looking for a lost plantation and other sites. The cover of this document is above, featuring one of my favorite photographs.
  • Brochures I wrote on the archaeology of Rock Creek Park
  • A brochure on the archaeology of the Brawner Farm on the Manassas Battlefied
  • And some web pages on our work in the C&O Canal Park
The web site is nothing fancy, just links to all of this stuff. But now that they have this up and running I assume that creating new content for this site will be part of all my future NPS projects.

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