Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waterboarding is Torture

Glen Greenwald catches the NY Times again in their absurd waterboarding double standard. When Americans do it, we get mealy-mouthed crap like
defenders of the practice of water-boarding, including senior officials of the Bush administration, insisted that it did not constitute torture.
But when the Nazis do it:
As a hero of the French Resistance, St├ęphane Hessel was in exile with Charles de Gaulle in London, imprisoned in concentration camps, waterboarded in Nazi torture sessions and saved from hanging by swapping identities with an inmate who had died of typhus. . . . Asked how he survived torture, he said, "The third time of waterboarding, I said, 'Now, I’ll tell you.' And I told them a lie of course." He added: "One survives torture. So many people unfortunately have been tortured. But it's not a thing to recommend."

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