Monday, September 12, 2022

More Ukraine

Russia carried out a sort of revenge attack after its recent losses, with strikes on electrical infrastructure that caused blackouts in 5 oblasts. Zelensky responded like this:

Read our lips:
Without gas or without you? Without you.
Without light or without you? Without you.
Without water or without you? Without you.
Without food or without you? Without you. . . .
Cold, hunger, darkness and thirst are not as scary and deadly for us as your 'friendship and brotherhood'.
But history will put everything in its place. And we will be with gas, light, water and food... and WITHOUT you!

Oryx count of destroyed and abandoned Russian equipment, September 8-11:

54 tanks
114 APCs, IFVs, etc.
5 towed artillery
13 self-propelled artillery
9 Grad rocket launchers
2 SAM systems
92 others
And more is still coming in this morning. Before the counting is done we will be looking at an armored division worth of equipment, most of it abandoned. Some of it was not operational; you may have seen photographs of 7 or 8 tanks just sitting around in the yard of a church, which looks to have been a sort of repair yard, since the engine of one tank was next to it on the ground. But people are frankly puzzled by the sheer number of "random" infantry fighting vehicles in particular, just parked, like the one at the top. Why didn't somebody drive these away? No fuel? Or just panic?

Worse for Russia is the large number of abandoned self-propelled artillery pieces. Lately Russia has been fighting mainly with artillery, and with two more 152mm guns we have already seen this morning, that's 15 lost in this one battle.

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szopeno said...

There are reports electricity is mostly back. One twitterati summarised this operation as 100 mln$ spent to deprive Ukraine of energy for 12 hours.

I must say there was nothing more delightful than reading first some Russian blogger laughing at how Ukrainians are just putting themselves in the peril and will be soon encircled and destroyed, and then by the evening reading Russians writing about succesful withdrawal in good order :D