Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Neolithic Normandy

Elliptical enclosure and u-shaped building, Saint-André-sur-Orne, Normandy, radiocarbon dated to 2800 to 2500 BCE, the very end of the Neolithic. The central structure was build with sizable tree trunks split in half for posts. In this photograph, the post holes have been digitally darkened; they would not normally be so obvious in a drone photo like this. The enclosure is 150 feet (45 m) across.

Arrowhead from the same site. From INRAP.


JustPeachy said...


I am curious about the radiating lines.

John said...

They are intriguing. Separating the pigs from the vegetables?

Or maybe they had weird taboos and so a separate yard for menstruating women or something.