Sunday, March 25, 2018

Awesome Jobs Number 1

Meet Chris Skaife, Master Raven Keeper at the Tower of London, and one of his charges, Merlin. From Spitalfields Life.


G. Verloren said...

Pity about the uniform. It seems to try to emulate historical garb, but doesn't fully commit. It's a weird mix of disparate elements from different eras.

pootrsox said...

"For everyday duties, Yeomen Warders wear a red and dark blue undress uniform.

Yeomen Warders working at the Tower of London, are usually seen wearing the blue undress uniform (pictured left) granted to them by Queen Victoria in 1858.

This uniform also bears the initials of the Sovereign."

G. Verloren said...


And yet, they wear modern business slacks and polished dress shoes, and have modern military ribbon bars...

And of course, even the hat and the coat / jack are made from modern textiles sewn together with modern machines, instead of more authentic materials and methods.