Thursday, February 4, 2010

The K'aba of Zoroaster

This ancient Persian monument, nearly 2500 years old, is reported to be on the verge of collapse because the ground under it is sinking. The structure was some kind of Zoroastrian religious shrine, but its exact purpose is unknown. It may have housed a complete copy of the Zoroastrian scriptures, or the perpetual sacred fire.

The group warning about the threat to the shrine is something called the Circle for Ancient Iranian Studies, based in London. They must be run by Iranian exiles, because their press release blames the whole situation on the current government, a regime "runs by mixture of opportunist-corrupts":

Islamic Republic is considered to be one of the most destructive, brutal and corrupt regimes has ever ruled over Iran. Their reign of tyranny and terror surpasses the Alexander, Arabs, and Mongols invasion of Iran . . . . Since taking over the power in Iran, the Islamic republic has begun their cultural-cleansing of the pre-Islamic Iranian heritage under the guise of the development projects. The totalitarian-theocratic regime since then has damaged and destroyed large number of major pre-Islamic cultural landmarks.

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