Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enough with the 70-Year Budgeting

Notice anything strange about this document?

To me the weirdest thing is that it projects government revenues and expenditures out to 2082. Think about that. Do you have any idea what the world will be like in 2082?

I don't. Maybe we will be living in a paradise of nearly free fusion power, bioengineered bacteria that can make anything in vats, and vastly extended lifespans. Or maybe civilization will have been destroyed by terrorists using genetically engineered bacteria weaponized in microcapsule aerosol sprays. But one thing I am quite certain of is that any projection we make now about the Federal budget in 2082 is going to be very wrong.

Let's concentrate on putting our house in order over the next 5 years and let 2082 take care of itself.

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