Sunday, January 1, 2023

Predictions for 2023

Civilization will endure, and life will go on for most people much like it did last year.

Andrew Tate will stop bragging about how many Bugattis he has and start bragging about how many lawyers he has.

Seventeen more superhero movies will be released, and I will not see any of them.

The Just Stop Oil people will escalate their protests until they succeed in damaging a major work of art, turning even more people against their cause.

By the end of the year fewer than 40% of Americans will remember who Kamala Harris is.

No progress will be made in undrestanding dark matter.

The Taliban will spring Andrew Tate from prison, and he will join them and become their spokesperson.

Donald Trump will not go to prison, and people will be mad about this.

Nobody will win the Ukraine war.

Online cancellation will become less powerful and threatening, and the thought police will respond by canceling even more people, until everyone has been canceled and it doesn't make any difference.

American politics will be ugly; British politics will be farcical; Russian politics will involve lots of people falling out of tall buildings.

No progress will be made in understanding how memories are stored in the brain.

I will attempt to read 32 fantasy or sci-fi novels, toss 27 away after the first chapter, finish three, and think one was worth reading.

The flat earth movement will fracture over whether the edge of the world is blocked by ice mountains or concealed by a corporate/government/Illuminati conspiracy. The ice mountains faction will further fracture over whether the ice mountains are threatened by global warming or global warming is a corporate/government/Illuminati conspiracy. 

By the end of the year, at least one Nigerian mega-church pastor will be richer than Elon Musk.

The return of the woolly mammoth will remain five years away.

American academic life will somehow get even worse.

AI will keep getting smarter, and people will not.


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